Meeting New Year’s Resolutions. . . Kind of

With every New Year, people the world over evaluate their life goals and make resulations. I am no exception. I have an unreasonably long list of things I hope to accomplish in 2018.

Life Goal #1

For the last several years, we’ve purchased shares in a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm called Seeds of Hope. We did this because:

  1. We wanted to support this positive program within our community.
  2. We wanted to eat more seasonal and locally grown foods.
  3. We wanted to try eating different vegetables that could be grown locally before we started trying to grow them in our garden.

In addition meeting the above desires, being a CSA member taught us what grew well and when, various growing tips and tricks picked up from visiting the farm on a regular basis, and we learned just how how much food can go to waste without the knowledge of how to preserve the abundance of seasonal food harvest that will undoubtedly go bad before our family can possibly eat it.

Last winter, we invested in a pressure cooker so that we could can food without the fear of botulism. This year I hope that we (Mel and I) can expand our food preserving repertoire and stock our canning room for the winter months.  I’d like to experiment with fermenting some foods and dehydrating others. If I end up with at least six jars of pickled okra, I’ll be happy. If we end up with a canning room like this, I’ll feel like a goal achieving champion.

So what have I done this week to further this life goal?

I crocheted this cute little doily trim out of plastic produce bags for one whole shelf.

I’m going to call that progress!

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