Week Two of 2018: Basket Weaving

This week, I tried to stretch my basket weaving skills. Instead of making a coil basket from plastic bags like I normally do, I made a plain wicker weave style basket using strips cut from plastic soda bottles as the warps and strips of cuts plastic bags for the wefts.

Since this process was relatively new to me, my technique could use some improvement. For example, taping the warps down to the dinning room table may not be the best way to go about starting a basket. It works . . . But surely there is another way to go about this.

I used a mason jar as a form to keep the shape consistent.

However once I finished off the basket, the top was uneven. Therefore I made a lid to hide my imperfections. Once again, I taped warps to the table.

I needed a form slightly larger than the mason jar so that my lid would fit over the top of the basket. Masking tape to the rescue again.

All in all . . . The final product is not bad. . . Not fantastic, but not bad.

More importantly, this project motivated me to add some basket to my online store. . . No pressure.


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