Big Dreams and Larger Scale Unfinished Projects

I haven’t posted here since July. I usually like to write posts after I complete a project, but lately I feel as if I have been unable to finish anything.

At the end of July and the beginning of August, I made a bunch of paper mache skulls as part of a larger scale project. I never finished this project because a certain event was cancelled through no fault of my own. Working on these was not wasted time. The project’s deadline just got pushed back to October 2018.

I also crocheted doilies with thread my aunt gifted me. Though I finished some doilies, I didn’t write about this work because they are part of a larger scale project still in the works.

I made baskets from plastic bags. Though I did finished four new baskets, I didn’t post about these small achievements, because they are but part of a larger scale project.

I also spent more time volunteering for the Northern Arts Council (NAC), a local nonprofit dedicated to enriching the cultural landscape of North County St. Louis by creating artistic opportunities in the area. I put together a website for the organization, which is still incomplete but is an on-going larger scale project. I organized exhibits; the first the group had in about three years. I created new work for these exhibits. I helped organize volunteers to staff the NAC booth at the Ferguson Farmers’ Market. I produced fliers and postcards and wrote more emails than I care to remember. Most importantly, I met a lot of interesting people which makes all of this work worthwhile. I got so caught up in doing this work, that I never got around to posting about it here. That. . . and all this work is part of a larger scale project.

(Photo credit: Dana Sebastian-Duncan)

In October, I treated myself to a new cookbook, “Please to the Table, the Russian Cookbook”. I spent just over a month cooking new and interesting foods, which were absolutely delicious (except for the Rum Baba, which was horrid). All this cooking was part of a larger scale project to improve my culinary knowledge.

Most recently, I created nine retablos for the second NAC exhibit, “Traditions”, on display until the end of this year. But again, I didn’t really view them as finished because in my head. . . They are part of a larger scale project. . .

At this point, I’m looking for other venues to host a more NAC exhibits and considering alternative ways to foster the artistic activity within my community. I’m also still making baskets, doilies, and Russian cuisine. Still working on these larger scale projects.

Since the holidays are coming up, I’ve also started to consider what kind of gifts I will make for my loved ones. This coming Sunday, I will be staffing the NAC booth at Ferguson’s annual Northern Lights Holiday Market selling ornaments created and donated by local artist to raise funds for NAC programs. I will have beautiful things you will want to buy. Come and visit me and give to a good cause . . . and further some larger scale projects closer toward completion.

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