Remember Where You Come From

Look at that! My work’s on the promo for the “Iconic Women” exhibit celebrating Women’s History Month at Good Shepherd Arts Center in Ferguson. Opening night is this coming Saturday from 4pm to 6pm. Preparing for this exhibit was my first accomplishment for this week.

My second accomplishment was creating a Google Form. What’s so great about a Google Form? This Google Form is meant to accept entries for the all-ages, multi-venue #ThisIsMyFerguson exhibit which will take place during August 2018. If you live in Ferguson, Dellwood, or Jennings, then there is no cost for you to submit work for this exhibit. First and foremost, this exhibit is meant for the residents of the area to meditate on how they feel about their home and to allow them to express and share their views. That said, anyone not living within the boundaries of these North County municipalities may submit work for a modest ten bucks (or one dollar if you are fifteen-years-old or younger).

That exhibit sounds really interesting, Kate, but I’m not an artist and I don’t know how I could contribute.

Come to the ArtStorming event this coming Friday from 7pm to 9pm. Learn more about the exhibit, mingle and bounce ideas off other other people, and get your creative juices flowing. Everybody has something to contribute.

Maybe I’ll see some of you this coming week and we can either celebrate what women have contributed to history or we can explore our complicated feelings regarding the place we live together. Interesting stuff!

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