But I love you little human!

This was the first week this year that I actually planned my weekly post ahead of time. It was going to be highlights from the “Iconic Women” reception that took place on Saturday evening at Good Shepherd Arts Center in Ferguson.

On Saturday evening, Fate mocked my plans and turned my super adorable child turned into a tiny demon with a permanent snot smear across her right cheek.

I did occasionally attempt to clean the snot covered face, but I could only fight that battle so many times.

In fact, my adorable child and I fought many battles yesterday. We fought when the thermometer appeared,

when the word medicine was used,

and when I tried to give her affection.

She seemed happiest laying on the couch and letting me tend to her requests; which for the most part were not unreasonable.

I didn’t do much else other than fret over my progeny this weekend, but such feting only makes me appreciate that much more the seemingly improved heath of my favorite tiny human.

I hope the opening went well. I was able to live somewhat vicariously through Facebook.


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