Yellow Book Bags and Hats of the 1930s

Friend: What’s this?

Kate: Someone hung them from the knob of my back door yesterday.

Friend: Someone left you a bunch of Yellow Book bags?

Kate: Yeah.

Friend: Do you not find it odd that people give you their trash on a regular basis?

Kate (shrugs shoulders): That’s their way of encouraging my creative side.

Friend: I see. I suppose that makes it not weird at all. . . You should try to get them to encourage your money making side.


Mel: How long have these been sitting here?

Kate: I don’t know. Since spring last year.

Mel: A year?

Kate: I haven’t prioritized using them yet.

Mel: I think you should prioritize using them within the next month.

Kate: All you’re doing is forcing me to start another project. I already have projects in the works.

Mel: You could just get rid of them.

Kate: But I like them. They’re yellow.
One of my long standing guilty pleasures is watching and rewatching episodes of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot. It’s not that I find the plots riveting or the acting superb. What truly stimulates my little gray cells is the costumes. Fancy dresses, hats, gloves. I sit there in my standard uniform of jeans and a t-shirt and covet the clothing worn by actors in a detective series set within the upper class society of by-gone area. “I wish I could pull off wearing that kind of thing,” thinks the woman who typically removes her bra the moment she gets home from her day job.

As I processed my yellow bags into plarn, Poirot’s secretary, Miss Lemon, appeared on my screen wearing a matching coat/cape and a dainty matching hat. It was at this moment that I decided that I would attempt to make a cute little yellow hat out of my plarn.

Kate places partially finished hat upon her scalp to see how her creation is fitting.

Mel: It looks like a Bob the Builder hat.

Kate: It’s not done yet. I still have faith my creation will be cute.

Mel: We all need to have faith in something.

Kate (places partially finished hat on her head): Does it still look Bob the Builder?

Mel: No. It looks like a yellow version of my fishing hat.

Kate (furrows eyebrows and removes): Once I get the feathers and the hat band done, it will have swagger.

Mel: Swagger huh.
My finished product is not exactly what I had envisioned. It is perhaps bit more fishing cap than elegant Miss Lemon, but it’s not a bad first attempt with a non-traditional material.

The real test will be if I actually have the guts to wear this thing outside my home. . .

Kate (staging hat for blog photo)

Mel: Nice job, girl. Did you manage to use up all those yellow bags with this project?

Kate: Not even half of them.

Mel: You going to throw the rest out?

Kate (furrows eyebrows): No. I’m going to make a matching purse or necklace or something.

Mel (raises eyebrow): Another project?

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