My First Commissioned Work

For the longest time I had a mental block when it came to producing commissioned work. My part of me thought of it as a good deal. I could produce art that would make someone happy and make money in the process. However there existed another part of me that thought, “Don’t let someone tell you what to make! That’s someone trying to define you! Letting someone define you is slavery! Be free! Do your own art!” I didn’t have a problem selling things I produced. I just had a problem producing on demand. That ideology was not serving me. So I have offically overcome my nonsense.

At the beginning of the year, I made a rag quilt out of old work uniforms for coworkers who were having their first child. At that time, I felt that nothing could be more auspicious than having my first project of the year go toward new life entering the world. I was right. Apparently someone really liked that project. . . Enough to ask me to do it again for money this time.

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