Book Rat

The mouse population seems to have exploded in the office where I work. One can hear them moving about in the cubicle walls. They get to food people leave in desk drawers. They rip up tissues and paper to line their nests. They leave evidence that they have been on desks in the form of many tiny poohs. Lately upon arriving to the office every morning, my first order of business is to check all the traps.

I have one colleague who seems exceptionally freaked out by the rodents. I think it is more likely that she will die from cancer caused by the chemical sterilizers she uses to fumigate her office on a regular basis than by any plague the mice might carry, but that’s me. In order to help her overcome her fear, I made her a bookmark with a pattern I found FREE ON THE WEB.

I think it turned out cute. (My coworker almost didn’t get this gift.)

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