Unfocused as Ever

Back in January, I wrote a post about how I had gathered all my unfinished projects and placed them all on my newly created “Alter of the Unfocused Artist”. My goal was to actually finish some of these projects and turn this alter into the “Alter of the Disciplined Mind”. In January, I had 20 unfinished projects upon my alter.

Today in September, I revisit the alter and count the items it contains. 22 items in various stages of completion. Wow.

To be fair to myself, I completed projects that I had once placed in this scared location. I completed projects that I never stopped working on long enough to place them in the space. However, I do start more projects then I finish. And the longer an item sits in this space, the greater the chance I will never return to it.

Is this a bad thing? I suppose not. But sometimes I walk by this spot and I think, “I should really finish that,” and then I go about doing other things. So once again, I am reaffirming my goal. . . I am going to get this pile down to 18 by the end of the year or. . . or. . . I guess I will just be disappointed in myself.

Here’s to bringing the number down to 21!

A small basket made of plastic bags. It’s not super impressive, but the small thing makes me happy.

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