Today was a Good Day

I had the best time presenting for the Northern Arts Council at the Ferguson Farmers Market. It was one fabulous ego-building experience. One person after another came and touched my baskets and said things like, “That’s so cool,” “Awesome,” and “How clever.” I went home with the fattest head ever. I feel completely invincible. I know I shouldn’t let things go to my head, but. . . It was really nice having the opportunity to show off some of my work.

To celebrate, I came home and started slicing up cardboard. It was a good day.

This is just one more shout out to the Northern Arts Council which aims, “To enrich the cultural landscape of North St. Louis County by hosting and promoting fine art events, and by working to buid a spirit of community among local artist and art supporters.” They too are cool, awesome, and clever.

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