The plastic bag stash

I use to work at Schnucks. I was a checker. I was one of the people bagging your groceries. I just want to let the general public know that you don’t need three freaking plastic bags to hold one damn gallon of milk. If you are worried about the cheap plastic bag breaking, carry the milk by the handle.

My years spent working at a Schnucks cash register gave me a deep appreciation as to how many plastic bags went out into the world in such a short period of time. That’s a huge amount of material entering the waste stream needlessly. I say needlessly because people could just bring their own bags to the store.

For a long time, I didn’t even take my own advice. I took my groceries home in plastic bags just like everyone else. I justified this in my mind by the fact that I was reusing them to pick up my dog’s mess or using them as trash can liners. But even when I did this, I was always bringing in more bags than I could use up. It was a problem.

Then one day I just got fed up and decided I had to do something else with these bags and I had to stop bringing them into my home. Somehow I stumbled on Marlo’s Crochet Corner and there were instructions on how to make plastic yarn out of grocery bags for use in crochet projects. (Marlo’s website doesn’t seem to work anymore, but instructions can be found on Plant Finder).

I have crocheted a lot of things out of plastic bags since that time. And they are all awesome. My favorite things are the plastic grocery bags made out of plastic grocery bags.

And the people of Schnucks dig the bags made out of bags. I even ended up in their newsletter. That’s me, Sierra Vista customer. I’m famous.

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