That’s a lot of cardboard

Woman 1: What is this?

Woman 2: Twelve inch by one and a half inch cardboard strips.

Woman 1: I see. I think my question was more (waves hand at the collection of cardboard cuttings) . . . why?

Woman 2: I’m making something. An art experiment.

Woman 1: Ok. I was just checking.

Woman 2: Does it seem that crazy?

Woman 1: I know you, so my answer to that is not yet. But you have to understand how others might view a large pile, albeit an organized pile, of cardboard in someone’s dining room. I think you might consider this some before you invite guests over.

To further art goals during week three of 2018, she cut up lots of cardboard. All the cardboard in her home had been processed down to the desired 12” x 1.5” strips. She still needed more, but she was grateful that no more cardboard remained to be cut today.

“Cardboard furniture is increasing exponentially. There are people experimenting and playing with the cardboard with really good results. The limitations depend only on the design you choose and the imagination or ideas of the people making the furniture. Every material has to be studied and then you find its own language.” Team: Retrain de Rubcn at Trashformation

Not every aspect of making art is glamorous. Some days you are just cutting cardboard. . . with a shared understanding between only you and the cardboard.

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