Still attacking the plastic bags

Last week, I largely left my piles untouched. I focused much of my artistic time on a collaborative journal project with seven other members of the St. Louis chapter of the Womans Caucus for Art.

This week I am back at attacking my trash piles. I have annihilated my white plastic bag pile. Currently, I have no white plastic bags in my home.

I started a basket with the white plastic bags. However, this basket is obviously unfinished. I underestimated how many bags would actually be required to make the basket I have in mind. However, I am not worried. I am absolutely confident that I will end up with more white Schnucks bags again. This project will just be delayed until another pile forms.

This is not my first attempt at making baskets out of plastic bags. Here are some examples of plastic-bag-baskets I have made:

More bags did enter my home last week. Jo Ann read that I had used up most of my blue and pink bags. She decided to donate her pile to replenish my supply. I am thankful, especially for the pink bags as they seem to be a rarity. However, I am now further away from my zero-pile goal. Ironically, I found myself asking her for white Schnucks bags in order to finish my uncompleted basket. Her plan is to give me a few bags at a time so that I do not feel overwhelmed by her bag collection. I like Jo Ann. Always looking out for my mental health.

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