Ronnoco Coffee Purse

I started making this bag back in August 2010. Every morning when I arrived at work, I would make a pot of coffee and add the wrapper that once contained the coffee to a slowly growing bubble gum chain which sat on my desk. I figured it would take me about a year to complete a bag at this pace, but I could be a patient person.

Soon enough though, my coworkers began to notice the chains lying among scattered paper work. After I explained my vision of a purse made from my coffee wrapper trash, others began to save their coffee wrappers in order to speed my project along. The bag contains 312 Ronnoco Coffee wrappers. That’s 312 pots of coffee for hard working employees and volunteers who deserve every delicious caffeinated drop.

So at the beginning of this new year, I have completed a project eight months ahead of schedule. It’s a good way to begin 2011.

For those of you who want instructions on how to make a purse like this one, see

I’m still hacking away at my plastic bag basket. When I’m not working on it, the cat guards it for me.

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