Office Trash Pile #1

My home is not the only place I maintain piles of rubbish. I have piles at the office as well. So far, it does not seem to concern my coworkers too much that I have various little piles stacking up here and there. In fact, some of my coworkers seem to enjoy contributing to piles.

This is one of my office piles. A bunch of granola bar wrappers.

I can honestly say that not one of these wrappers contained food that I ate. This is all coworker. Yet I am happy to accept the trash. Every so often, I have to eliminate my pile so that I don’t look like a garbage collector. So I make gum wrapper chains out of them.

I plan to make a purse out of these. I got some instructions off

I also have chains made from Ronnoco wrappers going. I love coffee. Even Ronnoco.

One day far in the future, I’ll be able to post photos of my awesome granola bar wrapper purse and my coffee wrapper purse. How cool will I be then?

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