My First Quilts

Today I finished creating my first two quilts. I call them ‘The Twins’. They are 41” x 51”, machine quilted, and utilizing a piecing technique I learned watching Alicia Merrett’s You-Tube demonstration. I think they turned out pretty good for my first try.

I started them back on September 2, 2011 when I purchased the fabric about 11 weeks ago. At the time, I only intended to make one lap quilt. However since I am new to the quilting process, I had no real understanding how much fabric a quilt might require and I ended up buying twice as much fabric as was necessary. I did manage to use most of the fabric; not really adding much to my scrap fabric pile despite the over-estimated purchase.

I often hear the women at the Flower Valley Quilters’ Guild making remarks about the size of their scrap pile. I have not determined if the scrap pile is a mark of status or a perceived problem with which they constantly struggle. Either way. . . My fabric pile is going down now that I no longer fear my sewing machine!

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