Master of the Trash Piles

I am so satisfied with myself this week. I have indeed reduced piles. Yeah me.
First, I eliminated most of my soda bottle pile. I used the sides of every soda bottle I had, but I still have tops and bottoms remaining. So I am saying that I have eliminated about 2/3rds of my bottle stash. I brought no bottles into my home. Yeah me.

I also eliminated a sizeable chunk of my plastic bag collection. I used not every blue and pink bag, but most every blue and pink bag. Only one plastic bag was brought into the home. Yeah me.

I made this awesome bag/purse out of the bags and bottles. Yeah muse.

I am also down to 79 cans from 80 cans. I actually drank a Dr. Pepper. I couldn’t resist it with its 23 flavors. So I did go up to 81 cans before I made one last ditch effort to reduce the number of cans and thereby prove I was master of my can pile.

I made peacocks . . . again.

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