Making Boxes out of Boxes

Something I haven’t confessed on this blog until now is that I have a cardboard pile. It pretty much consists of boxes that packaged my gifts from Christmases prior. I kept all this cardboard with the intention of doing some major paper mache project. Well I finally did just that. I made boxes out of boxes.

First I cut up all the cardboard and reshaped it into various new box forms.

Then I covered each box with paper mache consisting of my old junk mail. That’s right. They are covered with a year’s worth of Charter Cable and AT&T ads. Incidentally there are phone numbers on this junk mail that one can call to opt out of receiving these mailings. I called all these numbers. Charter and AT&T have not honored my request to stop their mail solicitations and it is well past the 3 to 6 week grace period they told me it would take to get me off their commercial mailing list. But I digress. . .

Then my husband, Mel, and I painted them. I think they look great. We packed them with soap and candles Mel made and cookies I made. We made good Santas this year.

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