Insecurity Blanket

Behold . . . It is complete.

his is my “Insecurity Blanket”. It consists of 144 ‘granny squares’ each containing an image of some historical event or person that has affected my sense of security. War, famine, plagues, ecological and natural disasters, murders and murderers, and financial meltdowns from around the world have all left some imprint in my subconscious that now influence my sense of safety. On the back of each corresponding panel, I recorded some information about each even; the date, the death toll, the area of land polluted, the number of displaced people, etc.

Each square was made from paper machete and cardboard (in keeping with the Madam Trash Heap’s reuse of material theme), painted with acrylic paint, to which acrylic transfers were applied. I then used crochet thread to crochet the piece together. It measures about 5’ x 5’.

I estimate that piece is just over 37,300 stitches. That’s a lot of crocheting.

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