Expanding an Old Project

Back in the days when I had a MySpace account, I started producing digital photo collages of and for all my MySpace friends utilizing their profile photos. I continued this artistic exercise after I (like so many others) migrated away from MySpace and onto Facebook. I had a goal of making at least one image for each Facebook buddy . . . Back when I only had about 20 Facebook friends.

I produced a significant body of work with this project. Every once in awhile, I’ll make another digital collage for some unsuspecting social media contact. However I always felt as if this project was never fully completed since it only existed within the digital world. I had never put forth the effort of manifesting these images into the physical world.

After several years, I finally made this happen. . . at least partially.

One might asked why I would finally make the leap to push this project into another phase after so long. Boredom and lack of a better project idea on which I was ready to work. Also, I had collected a fair amount of cardboard.

I didn’t use every Coloring Book image for this project, rather I focused on the images featuring my coworkers. I thought it would be amusing to hang them up at work for all staff to see. In all I produced sixteen acrylic transfers on paper mache cardboard picture frames which I then painted with acrylic paint.

My coworkers were not as amused as I was. People barely remarked on them. I am uncertain if people just were not impressed or if they have just gotten use to this type of behavior from me. Either way, I was disappointed that nobody fed my ego.

All well. . . At least the cardboard pile was reduced.

Painting cardboard with base coat primer. Baby for scale.

Cutting cardboard to size and adding transfers.

An afternoon of paper mache.

The painting process.

Finished work ready to hang on a wall.

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