How long did that take to make?

My friend, JoAnn, started her spring cleaning early. She came across this amazing yo-yo quilt in a cedar trunk along with many other quilting projects in various stages of completion her dearly departed mother had saved. It is unknown which family member may have been the quilter, but I bet that person was determined and super patient (which incidentally is how I tend to describe JoAnn). I am approximating that there are about 2500 yo-yos (all hand sewn) in this work.

To gain a greater appreciation just how much work goes into making one of these quilts, I decided to make a yo-yo myself. I watched a how-to video. Since I am not always patient, I skipped the ironing bit and just went straight to stitching the edges.


Fifteen minutes later, I created my first yo-yo ever. YEAH! And if I want to make a quilt much like the one in JoAnn’s cedar chest, I only need about 2499 more.


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