Fun with Cat Litter Boxes

For the holiday season, I decided to challenge myself to spread the Christmas cheer via Arm & Hammer cat litter boxes.

First, I made a winter village of glitter houses! I modified the plans I found on I used masking tape (instead of glue) to piece everything together. Glue probably would have worked better, but that’s ok. I think they turned out cute.

Mel on the other hand was offended that my cute little village had a church but no pub. So he built a pub. Notice he named it ‘The Cracked Mug’. He has shutters that open and close, a slate roof, and a slightly more detailed paint job. He even placed a hole in the chimney so that if one put incense inside the little pub, smoke would rise out the chimney as if there were a mini fire burning inside.

He thinks he outdid me, but I have five buildings to his one pub. I’m the real estate queen in this village!

I also made some cardboard trees.

Here’s a link to a tutorial for making the magazine tree.

Then I made ornaments for as many people on my ‘love-you’ list as I could. Mel painted the Santa trout fishing on one side. I made the image of the snow angel with the poem for the other side. We used a direct acrylic gel transfer technique when making these.

There are still cat litter boxes left. Cardboard goes a long way.

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