Friendly Competition Part II: Mini Plant Presses

Are not these mini plant presses created from reclaimed wood by the people of Perennial on South Broadway simply adorable? Of course they are! I just had to ‘sample’ this brilliant idea and make my own.


I found two old wood boards. Cedar. Nice


I sanded them until they were beautiful.


And I cut them into pieces.


While Perennial makes a point of only utilizing those things they have on hand (i.e. stuff other people throw out), I have no problem investing in some hardware from the Home Depot. Mel, my artistic partner in crime, used a wood burning tool to burn images of trees into my sanded cedar pieces.

Now I can pay homage to fellow upcyclers at Perennial with my take on their mini plant presses.


Seriously though, Perennial is a fantastic organization and you should support their efforts by buying their amazing creations or by taking one of the many interesting classes they offer.

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