Friendly Competition Part 1: T-Shirt Necklace

Often people ask me where I come up with such unique ideas. Most often, I get them from other people. If I see someone doing awesome, I want to do that awesome too. It’s that simple.

Lately I have seen people making these great fiber necklaces/scarf things that I find rather interesting.

I spotted this one made by a fellow St. Louis artist, Imani Aisha-Creations. Ohhhhh!


Then later, DottieQ of St. Louis had these lovies at a trunk show at The Foundrie. Ahhhhh!


TA DA! It’s an upcycle tribute to my fellow artisans! (It looks better on me, but any excuse to photograph Tape Ball Junior. . .)


I made mine out of old t-shirts. Three of them to be exact. It was actually a good deal of work. I can appreciate the effort these women put into their amazing products. Thank you ladies for pushing me to be a bit creative.

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