Friendly Competition III: Deb’s Blue Jean Blankets

My coworker, Deb, makes blankets out of old blue jeans. When she showed me the first one she made, I decided that I too must make a blue jean blanket.

When she showed me her second blanket, I was more determined then ever to finish my blanket.


When she showed me her third blanket, I started to feel a bit inadequate. This blanket is extra special because some of the backing material she used was leftover from the lantern fabric used during the Missouri Botanical Gardens 2012 Lantern Festival.


But beware Deb, I’m catching up. I have just finished processing my latest donation of jeans. Thanks, JoAnn, for the donation.

I calculated that I need 514 circles to get the size blanket I want. I’m at 449 circles. One day Deb. . . One day.

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