First Thing Born of the Scrap-Material Pile

A few days after the encounter with my generous neighbor, I pulled out my scrap pile and washed it all. I ironed every little odd shaped piece. It took forever. During this dull and drawn out process, I became reacquainted with every single fabric scrap that had ever run across my hands. My philosophy in prior years was to always buy more fabric than I needed. Surly, I would mess up and need more than I anticipated.

Now I have leftovers from every project I have ever attempted. I have the remains from projects that went south. I have fabric that never got touched because I changed my mind about what I wanted at that moment. And of course, I have Jo Ann’s gift pile. I have a gianormous pile of fabric scraps to try to reduce.

The oddest thing in this pile was a bunch of long odd shaped strips of fleece. These were the scraps left over from making nifty tie fleece blankets as Christmas gifts last year. I made three blankets. Becky made one blanket. I think Kim beat us all by making four blankets that year. That’s a lot of random strips of fleece left over from our craft night. What does one do with random strips of fleece?

I used every last one to make this basket! It’s awesome! Bask in it’s beauty!

I have reduced the pile! And I now have a basket to hold other small pieces of fabric.

Now to attacking the rest of the pile.

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