First Project of 2012

This is the first project I completed for 2012. It’s a rag quilt made out of old work uniforms. When people leave the organization, they turn in their uniforms. Apparently many of these uniforms sat in my boss’s office for some time. She finally got sick of the pile in her office and she brought it to mine saying, “Do you want these?” I told her that they probably wouldn’t fit me. She seemed frustrated and said, “I can’t just take them down to the cage (a section of the basement our department uses for storage). Nobody’s going to use old worn uniforms.”

I took the pile of sweaters from her. As I was shoving them in a bag to bring home, I wondered how I exactly I should perceive a gift of old used work sweaters. On the one hand, it’s a compliment that my boss would have faith that the items would be put to use if left with me. On the other hand, she just dumped a pile of old used work sweaters in my lap.

At that time, I had started making the quilt-as-you-go pillows. In preparation for that project, I had watched a number of quilting videos on You-Tube; getting ideas on how to proceed on said project. Among the videos I watched was this one on how to make a baby rag quilt. I thought the rag quilt was cute, but I didn’t have a baby. Then I remembered there were some coworkers in my department that were having a child due in February. How wonderfully auspicious would it be if my first creation of the New Year was for a new life entering the world? I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that.

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