Finishing Unfinished Projects

This week I took stock of all of the piles I have admitted to having on this blog: a scrap fabric pile, plastic bag pile, Ronnoco Coffee wrapper pile, aluminum can pile, cardboard pile, paper pile, soda tab pile, and the plastic bottle pile. Today I am going to admit to yet another pile that I maintain in my home. The unfinished projects pile.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to finish a few of the projects I had already started in years prior. To better facilitate my following through on this goal, I went around the house and collected all my unfinished projects and placed them all upon a table in my basement. This is my new alter. The Alter of the Unfocused Artist.

My goal at this point is to turn the “Alter of the Unfocused Artist” into “Alter of the Disciplined Mind”.

Today I finished one of the projects sitting on my current alter. It’s a hot pad made with bottle caps. I crocheted all the bottle caps long ago. However for whatever reason, my focus shifted and I never sewed the piece together. Today I made the leaves and got my clever little kitchen décor done. (For instruction on this project, click here.) Only twenty more items to clear off my alter.

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