Decrease Trash Piles, Increase Christmas Cheer

I reduced my can pile by 30 cans! The aluminum can pile is noticeably smaller. I made 61 Christmas ornaments/bookmarks.

I printed out the images on wax coated tracing paper and embossed/traced them onto the aluminum with a metal stylist. The best video for the embossing process that I have found is from the ladies of Ten Second Studio. I stained the aluminum with alcohol ink which is a technique I also learned from Cheryl and Megan of Ten Second Studio. The two sides are taped together with a product called Terrifically Tacky Tape which I buy from Michaels. After that, I poked holes in the sides with and ice pick. (This probably was not the best way to do something like this. I learned later that small hole punches are sold at Michaels. That probably would have worked better.) Then crochet and done.

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