Bottle Cap Hat Band

I don’t think people realize how much time is spent in preparation of even the smallest art projects. Today, I spent about an hour or so sorting bottle caps. This might seem like madness to some, but my reader will just have to have faith that I did this for a reason.

After sorting my bottle caps, I had to make something small in order for the OCD-like activity to seem worth it. I needed an immediate payoff. So I made a hat band for a friend.

This friend said he had found a hat at a store for $20, but he couldn’t bring himself to buy it. Apparently, $20 on a hat is just a bit too much money out of his wardrobe budget that he couldn’t justify to himself owing such a fine hat. As he told me this story, his wife yelled at him saying, “Are you talking about that damn hat again? I wish you would just go buy the thing! You’ve been talking about it for three weeks now!”

My hope is that the hat band will encourage him to get the coveted hat. After all, what good is a hat band without a hat? Sometimes a person just needs to treat himself/herself.

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