Baskets and Bags

I have not posted in some time. Mostly out of shame. I made a basket from magazine paper. It’s pretty pathetic. I used a plaited weave technique that I obviously have not mastered. This was a very frustrating process and I often thought about burning the project as a sacrifice to basket-weaving gods, if I didn’t think the mess would offend them. The important thing is that I finished it. I worked through the frustration and completed the basket even if it didn’t exactly turn out like what was inside my head. I tried!

These were all inspired by the online tutorial at Papier Mache Gallery.

I also added to my plastic bag basket. Because it’s circumference has become so large, it take much longer to make it grow even a little. I’m slowly hacking away at it here and there. The pile of bags my neighbor gave me is shrinking daily.

I also used up three balls of my plarn to make this lovely grocery sack. Be envious!

Work had a Lunch N’ Learn where they demonstrated furoshiki, the Japanese art of cloth wrapping. I think this is awesome. I ran out and got some fabric so that I could use to make my own furoshiki bag. It probably would have been more practical to use something from my scrap cloth pile, but I’m not always practical. I love my new bags. There are many different ways to tie furoshiki. Type it into YouTube and let the learning begin. There is also a Korean counterpart to furoshiki called bojagi. So pretty.

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