Art and Wine Night in Old Town Florissant

On Wednesday, Mel and I braved soaring temperatures to man our first ever craft booth at Florissant’s Art and Wine Night event. It was a true success. I would like to thank everyone who bought something from us and everyone who stopped at our table to look at our things and tell us how awesome we are. It was a wonderful ego-boosting experience.

Mel and I were initially concerned that we would not have enough things to fill our ten foot table. Once we got there, we realized that we had so much stuff we looked more like a disorganized flee market than professional artists. The woman selling photos beside us put us to shame with well thought-out, lovely display. Still in the end, even our disorganization seemed to work to our advantage. People seemed to enjoy digging through our creative madness.

In addition to making money and receiving wonderful compliments, it was wonderful to see the work of other artists in the area. I was amazed by life-like hand-carved wooden forest creatures, impressed by Styrofoam cups sculptures, and delighted to see bowls made from old records. I even bought a piece art from a young artist named Larson who cut me a sweet deal on his frog painting.

Our first booth proved to be a great learning experience. Hopefully we will take what we learned and have an even more profitable marketing plan the next go around.

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