Altar of Projects in Progress

Behold! This is my ‘Altar of Projects in Progress’. I use to call this space my ‘Altar of the Unfocused Artist’. However, I have recently decided to rename it as the former name seems more semantically conducive to project completion.

There are currently 26 separate projects on my altar. There are also about ten other projects in some stage of completion that are either too big or just not practical to place upon the altar.

Back in January of 2011, I had 21 projects in this space. I made a goal to reduce the number. Here I am, a year and nine months later, and I’ve really almost doubled the number of projects in the works. Yet, I do not feel unsuccessful. With the exception of a couple of on-going projects, the original 21 projects are no longer on my altar. This is all new stuff on which I’m working.

Still . . . it would be nice to reduce my projects in progress number. I hope to at the very least finish a few of these projects before I start a new project.

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