936 Soda Tabs

I maintain yet another small heap that I have not discussed on this web site until just now. I stash away the soda tabs like a squirrel stashes away acorns. I don’t mind talking about the soda tabs now that I only have 22 of them in the pile. This is because I use the other 936 soda/beer tabs to make this super cool purse.

I would like to thank every person that saved tabs for me. I am pleased with this bag. I also want to thank the person who made the website that taught me how to do this: http://www.poptabpurse.blogspot.com/

This is my third bag made of soda tabs. Here are the others.

I have also managed to keep my white plastic shopping bag pile at zero. My basket has grown. JoAnn brought me a few small piles of bags here and there that were quickly and easily worked into the basket I stared a few weeks ago. I have seriously underestimated how many bags it is actually going to take to create the basket that I envision in my head. This is probably a good thing in that any white bags that come into my home will have an immediate purpose and therefore not pile up again. We’ll see.

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