1888 Soda Tabs and Three Make Me Crazy

At 6:30 am, I sat peacefully drinking tea and enjoying morning stillness. A pile of recently donated soda tabs dwindled before me as I added one after another to my bag. I crocheted away, satisfied that this morning I would finish this project.

Then it happened. I ran out of tabs. I wasn’t done with the bag. I needed three tabs to be finished. THREE LOUSY TABS!

Apparently something as small as three soda tabs can make me insane with rage. I was going to have this bag done! I was going to find tabs to do it! Those tabs had to be here somewhere! I began searching my home frantically.

I looked about the floor to see if I dropped any. Then I looked through the couch cushions and under the couch. Then I dug through the recycling bin in the kitchen and through my aluminum can stash. I searched pockets of winter coats and purses I used within the past year. My tab finding mission went so far that I got dressed, dug through the car, the outdoor recycling bin, and walked the street looking for litter. And I’ll have you know that I found that third tab on a piece of litter some jerk had tossed in my neighbor’s yard. Then just as quickly as the insanity set it, it stopped. I had my tabs and I finished my bag. It makes me happy.

Thanks to everyone who donated tabs. There are about seven of you who donated consistently (you know who you are) and it makes me happy that you would do this for me.

I am often asked how long it takes to save tabs. I finished my last pull tab purse on Oct. 20, 2010. So it took me just under six months to save the tabs to finish this bag with seven people saving for me regularly.

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